One Merck - Intranet

One Merck was a global initiative to bring various internal services under one umbrella of Merck Pharmaceutical's intranet. They wanted to expand the consistent user experience of "One Merck" across worldwide intranets and manage them from headquarter in USA. Luckily, the stakeholders were highly focused on user centered design.

My Role

User Experience Architect (Strategy, research, interaction design)

I was assigned to create the user experience of Merck HR and integrate it into various areas of the intranet. During the discovery phase, I approached stakeholders to understand goals, user types, governance, and key adoption drivers. Also collaborated with BAs, SharePoint architect and scrum master during the project lifecycle.


Merk’s stakeholders were looking for user centered experience design that required complete customization of Microsoft SharePoint. My biggest challenge was to maintain a balance between form and function and offer an elegant solution without compromising performance.

My design thought process was focused around the company’s new initiative “One Merck”, a unified organization and its digital workplace.
Some of the key goals were to increase employee engagement, centralize information, activities, simplify processes and improve workflows.

"My Workplace" is the work area where employees can see and customize their daily tasks.
I used SharePoint's list and libraries, and other out of the box features to use the strength of a core technology to avoid performance issues.

To achieve the goal of One Merck, it was important to surface SAP based HR transactions and record data on SharePoint which was the biggest challenge.
The lead architects made my design possible to surface HR transactions along with helpful contextual information side by side on an overlay.
This is how Merck continued using SAP for a robust record management system with SharePoint face.

Download wireframe


Finally I handover the approved wireframes to the SharePoint development team and helped them during the implementation stage. At the same time worked on the discovery of next phase of the project.