QuarterSpot - CRM

QuarterSpot is a fintech startup targeting small and medium businesses to makes business loans fast and easy.

My Role

Product Designer (Strategy, research, interaction design)

I was hired to design a custom CRM (Customer relationship management) system. My goal was to design a simple, easy and super fast product so different teams engage and complete their tasks in this system during various phases from lead generation to final loan funding within 24 hours.


Typical high pressure startup environment with less UX maturity. There was no room for conducting research and usability test. However, I‘ve done my informal research to understand transactions from expert users.

Most of the requirements flushed out during brainstorming with founders and used for design after discussing it with expert team members.

A lead passes through different phases of an application process. Different application process teams work on these leads at various phases, just like a product assembly line.

Team members can interpret the lead status and stage by icon's status and background color of the lead.

(Colors used here for concept only. No visual design treatment applied.)

Notes was a complex functionality. Team members can enter, edit, view, filter and sort notes at any stage during the loan approval process.

My challenge was to keep it very simple and easy to save time.

Merchant profile screen