LOOK+ Augmented Reality Mobile app.

LOOK+ is a B2B mobile solution that bridges the gap between print and digital media by adding interactivity to any printed surface.

Print media is facing big challenges from digital media. Big brands are spending billions of dollars on print advertising and yet consumers do not engage with print as much as they do with an interactive mediaā€¯

LOOK+ is targeted for entertainment, fashion and retail industry to enable mobile commerce. It adds value to the high cost print advertising by increasing customer engagement with mobile interactivity

When print meets digital

Coming from a print media design background and working in digital product design, I always feel the pain to make print more valuable so it can co-exist with digital media. During fall of 2012, I came to know about Augmented Reality and Computer Vision and some experiments already happening in Europe.

After initial research I decided to found a startup to bridge the gap between print and digital media.
The next big challange was defining business model.

Design / Business Strategy

Since there were competitors in the European B2C market, I decided to enter into B2B market in the US with following strategy.

  1. Design solid brand identity, so that consumer can recognize an app icon to interact
  2. Create an engaging experience with Augmented Reality
  3. Enabled e-commerce with customized branding for fashion and retail industries

Mobile Commerce

User Interface - Phase 2