LOOK+ Augmented Reality Mobile app

LOOK+ is a B2B mobile solution that bridges the gap between print and digital media by adding interactivity to any print surface. It is targeted at the entertainment, fashion and retail industry to enable mobile commerce.

Print media is dying. LOOK+ makes it live

I’ve always got a soft corner for print and wanted to make it more valuable so it can co-exist with digital. During the fall of 2012, I came to know about Augmented Reality, Computer Vision and some experiments in Europe. Google glass was generating a big buzz in the US.

My Role

Founder, Design Entrepreneur, Hustler (Strategy, research, visual design, interaction design)

Build a design strategy for iOS, Android and Web platforms. Managed developers to built MVP based on Image Recognition, Augmented Reality and web portal for clients. Pitched demos to VCs, potential clients and investors. Worked with Groupon sales force to partner with LOOK+ during phase 2.

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Phase 1

Design & Business Strategy

Since there were competitors in the European B2C market, I decided to enter into B2B market in the US with the following strategy.

Experience > Engage > Sell

  1. Design solid brand identity, so that consumer can recognize an app icon to interact
  2. Create an engaging experience with Augmented Reality
  3. Enabled e-commerce with customized branding for fashion and retail industries
  4. Build a CMS portal for clients to customize branding and change their content in a less than a minute

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Phase 2

Augmented reality was new technology. Big enterprises, VCs and investors were waiting to see proven business case before investing money. After continue struggle I've changed the business model targeting small and medium size businesses and auto dealers that offer coupons to their customers.

Design & Business Strategy

LOOK+ meets Groupon

I followed Groupon's business model and focused on the local businesses that offer coupons to their loyal repeating customers, such as pizzeria and auto dealers' service shop.

  1. Consumer scans a business logo sticker magnet on the refrigerator to see offers and to make a call
  2. Design one tap Call experience to order food or book an appointment

Download pitch deck for auto dealership